Web Design

Looking for a web design company that takes the time to understand your companies unique website needs? We create websites that are designed from the beginning with the end goal in mind. If your a service based company, you need to have a website that will not just sell your message, but good enough to be ranked in Google.
The best way to get ranked with google, is to have your site hosted by google. Google Sites is a drag-and-drop web development tool that you can use within your business’s apps to create online information hubs for employees. The websites you create exist within your Google Apps domain, can be public or private, and permissions for employees to add, change, and contribute information can be set from the main account.
Google Sites makes it easy to integrate data from other Google Apps into dynamic pages that team members can use to collaborate on projects. Integrating spreadsheets or data charts from Google Docs, already hosted online or a deadline schedule from Calendar, and team-specific messages from Gmail could essentially create a one-stop project dashboard full of dynamically updating information.
Sites here can be purely functional or informational, or with the aid of some built-in templates or a good designer, a full-fledged dynamic public website for your business that team members have easy access to.
We focus on some very important elements when building websites:
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Designing a website that suits your business
  • Free Content Management System (you can keep your content fresh and updated without a programmer!)
  • Free Email mapped to your domain (i.e. names@yourdomain.com)
  • Free Hosting (Saves you $100’s per year!)
We work with each organisation to bring them the best pricing for their needs.  We keep costs down using Google Sites, a reliable web design application by Google Inc.  You can be online for as little as $299.